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A story-rich rhythm puzzle game inspired by Norse mythology

ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree is a story-rich puzzle game that includes elements of rhythm-based gameplay. It also draws inspiration from Norse mythology. The game follows the adventures of a young warrior as she journeys through Midgard in search of the truth behind her father's death.

The art style of this game is stylized and minimalistic, much like The Long Dark but with a different art style. This game takes place mostly through a top-down 2D perspective. Still, there are illustrated motifs that are typically shown when the player must make choices to progress.

Interactive story and world exploration

ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree features an interactive story where the player makes choices at various stages of the game, with the choices affecting how the game progresses. There is a heavy emphasis on Nordic lore, as the game is set against the backdrop of a Norse mythology-inspired world. The player will converse with many characters along the way.

Minimalist 2D world

The world of ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree is rendered in a very stylized 2D style that is minimalist and in keeping with a clean pixel art look. Certain scenes take on a more illustrated look, typically when the player is interacting with a character and must make a choice. There are also puzzles to solve.

An interesting game with a unique style

The gameplay of ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree is engaging, and the puzzles become incrementally more challenging as the game progresses. While the art style may be a matter of preference, fans of narrative-driven puzzle games may find plenty to enjoy about this game.


  • Features an interesting world and narrative based on Norse mythology
  • An interesting minimalist pixel art style
  • Players must make choices throughout that will affect the course of the game
  • Incrementally challenging puzzles give a sense of progression


  • Game may attract casual players despite challenging puzzles later on

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